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Episodes Guide

1 Pilot Episode
Gabriel Bird is a former police officer. He was convicted in 1969 of killing his partner and sentenced to life in prison. Victoria Heller, an attorney looking into the death of an inmate 20 years later takes an interest in his case. She gets him released from prison. He then takes a series of menial jobs before finally deciding to become her investigator. However, Capt. Jack O’Neil, who framed him before, comes back to threaten him again.

2) To Catch a Con, part I
Gabriel thinks he’s found his daughter, who he hasn’t seen since he went to prison. She tells him her daughter has been kidnapped.

3) To Catch a Con, parts II
Gabriel discovers the woman he thought was his daughter, is an imposter hired by Jack O’Neil to trick him.

4) Louis
Victoria’s assistant, Louis Klein falls victim to a con artist (played by James Earl Jones’ real-life wife, Cecilia Hart). Gabriel recruits her help to capture an embezzler.

5) Decent
Heller is romanced by a client accused of a multiple murder. Believing her judgment to be impaired, Gabriel investigates the man behind her back.

6) Money Walks
Heller defends a youth accused of killing another teenager for his sneakers.

7) The Neighborhood
Bishop Cecil Dobbs withholds evidence, which would clear Jamil when he is accused of killing a church deacon.

8) I’m Nobody
Gabriel investigates the murder of a homeless man, who was once a famous singer.

9) The Wind Rancher
A robber takes 6 people (including Gabriel) hostage inside Josephine’s diner.

10) Windows
Victoria is dressed as a prostitute for a costume party. She is mistakenly arrested and beat-up. Meanwhile, Jamil and Gabriel witness a mob hit while on surveillance for a divorce case. (Mariska Hargitay guest starred)

11) Judgements
Victoria’s dad, a judge, is accused of bribery. Gabriel’s initial investigation points to his guilt.

12) ‘Tis the Season
Oprah Winfrey appeared as herself. After being on Oprah, Gabriel finally talks with his ex-wife.

13) The Great Waldo
Josephine finds a baby left in her café. Then discovers the infant is addicted to crack.

14) First Date
Gabriel finally asks Josephine out on a date.

15) Truth and Consequences
William Russ plays a football star accused of being gay by a tabloid. He hires Victoria to sue them.

16) Finger on the Trigger
Gabriel is accidentally shot. While unconscious, he dreams about the killing of his partner, for which he spent 20 years in prison.

17) Postcards from the Faultline
Gabriel and Louis journey to Hollywood on an investigation, where they fall under the snare of two femme fatales (Leann Hunley and Dana Sparks).

18) A Prayer for the Goldsteins
A Jewish Holocaust survivor steals a painting he claims was stolen from his family in WWII.

19) One Flew Over the Bird’s Nest
To investigate claims of neglect and abuse, Gabriel has himself committed to a psychiatric hospital.

20) Kelly Green
Louis badgers Victoria to go to a Bar Association bowling night. Feeling ridiculous that everyone is bowling in suits, Victoria can’t wait to leave. Unfortunately, she catches the eye of a bankruptcy attorney with marriage in mind. When Daniel Kelly witnesses his best friend being killed in a car-bombing, he suspects Alex Zapas of the crime. He and his friend had been investigating Zapas for money laundering. Daniel arrests him without first obtaining a proper warrant. The accused mobster, who owns a series of wrecking yards, hires Victoria to represent him. Though she suspects he’s guilty, Victoria feels duty bound to defend him. While awaiting the arraignment, Victoria and Daniel flirt, each unaware of who the other is. On the stand, Daniel claims he waited for his partner to arrive with the warrant before entering Zapas’ girlfriend’s apartment. Meanwhile, the bankruptcy attorney, Lawrence Daskell III, bombards Victoria’s office with flowers, chocolates, and fruit baskets. Although she tries to stay focused on business, she is forced to endure the teasing of her colleagues. Zoe goes so far as to congratulate her boss on her conquest since the pickings are so slim at Heller’s age. Larry invites Victoria to sail with him on his yacht to the islands on Friday. She tries to let him down easy, but is interrupted by a commotion outside her office. Her secretary is trying to prevent a homeless man from entering Victoria’s office. The homeless man turns out to be an undercover Kelly. He gives her photos of Zapas with various mob figures. They argue and he leaves. Jamil and Gabriel interview Zapas’ girlfriend, Cherry Moran. She tells the police took a video camera she and Zapas were using to record themselves having sex. Jamil and Gabriel go back over the property seized by the police and discover the tape still in the videocamera, which was booked into evidence under Cherry’s name. Victoria files a motion to be removed as attorney of record due to a conflict of interest. She also represents Cherry, while Zapas has a known mob attorney visiting him in jail every day. The attorney states he is Zapas’ business attorney only and the judge orders Heller to stay on the case. At the diner, Daniel comes in to talk to Victoria. She tells him she has the tape, which is time-stamped and clearly indicates he entered the apartment an hour before he testified doing so. They argue again about the letter of the law. Victoria tells him if he’d done his job the right way none of this would be happening. She has only two choices, enter the tape into evidence, there-by freeing a guilty man or keep quiet, there-by lying by omission. Though she understands Daniel’s black-and-white view, she can’t go along with breaking the law to enforce the law. Heller enters the tape into evidence and the charges against Zapas are dropped. Feeling blue, Victoria leaves an impromptu gathering at Josephine’s café early. Though it is starting to rain, Daniel is waiting for her outside. Wondering why he is there when she got Zapas off, Daniel tells her he has some new leads. He then asks her out on a date to his father’s pub. She finally acquiesces and the two kiss. He walks away with them both playfully arguing over what time he should pick her up.

21) Birds Gotta Fly
Gabriel is finally reunited with her real daughter (played by Irene Cara). Meanwhile, Josephine also reunites with her son.

22) Belly of the Beast
Holly Robinson guest stars as Jackie Tate, an undercover cop, who is raped by a serial killer stalking a college campus. He inexplicably leaves her alive whispering “Thank you, officer.” She and Lt. Kelly speculate he is taunting the police, but do not know how he knew she was undercover at the college. Since Jackie won’t contact her family, Daniel asks Victoria if she can stay at her place. The investigation leads to the arrest of a professor. However, conflicting lab reports result in the States Attorney dropping the charges. He feels Tate’s positive voice ID isn’t enough to convince a jury. Knowing they had the right suspect, Victoria convinces Jackie to sue the man in civil court, where the burden of proof isn’t as high. Daniel takes Gabriel along when there is another coed murdered. Eventually, Gabe concludes the killer is using the bell-tower as a personal hide-a-way. He discovers a scrapbook with pictures of all the victims. He is horrified to find the last page contains a picture of Victoria. Jackie finally calls her mother. Over dinner she tells Victoria she is moving back to her own apartment and that her mom is coming for an extended visit. Jackie is concerned that Victoria is allowing the situation to adversely affect her relationship with Daniel. Later that night, a masked intruder attacks Victoria. She fights him off and Jackie is able to get to her gun. Daniel and Gabriel arrive a moment later. Gabriel convinces Jackie not to kill the man. When unmasked, the man is the professor. Jackie states it doesn’t matter.

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